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15 Perfect Trim Colors to Complement Your Gray Walls

15 Perfect Trim Colors to Complement Your Gray Walls

Gray walls have become increasingly popular in modern home design. This versatile color offers a neutral base, allowing you to create a stunning canvas for your interior décor.

But what about the trim? Choosing the right color for your trim is essential to achieving a harmonious and stylish look.

Gray walls provide a neutral canvas. Opt for crisp white trim to create a clean, modern contrast. Charcoal or black trim deepens the aesthetic, giving a bold, contemporary look.

If seeking warmth, consider a soft beige trim, blending seamlessly while adding a touch of coziness. Your trim choice can transform the space’s ambiance.

In this article, we present 15 fantastic trim colors that will complement your gray walls and elevate your living space.

Explore our color visualizer tool below, allowing you to experiment with various color options for your space. 

White Walls with Trim 1

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Note: The color codes below are recommendations. We have tried to match the color code to the trim in the images, but in some cases the colors may vary.

15. Timeless White (#FFFFFF)

living room with gray walls and white trim

White trim is a classic choice that provides a clean, crisp contrast to gray walls.

This versatile combination fits seamlessly into various design styles and imparts a sense of spaciousness and brightness.

The simplicity of white trim allows your gray walls to take center stage while maintaining an elegant and timeless appeal.

Furthermore, white trim is easy to maintain and can be effortlessly touched up when needed.

Quick Tip: Keep your trim paint clean and free of debris by using a high-quality, washable paint.

14. Warm Cream (#FFFDD0)

living room with gray walls and cream trim

Cream trim offers a delicate and warm contrast to gray walls, resulting in a soothing ambiance.

This versatile combination complements various design styles, from rustic to transitional, and creates a welcoming atmosphere ideal for bedrooms and living areas.

Cream trim also pairs well with a range of accent colors, allowing you to introduce additional pops of color throughout your space.

13. Bold Black (#000000)

living room with gray walls and black trim

For a dramatic effect, consider pairing gray walls with sleek black trim. This high-contrast look adds depth and draws attention to architectural details.

Perfect for contemporary spaces, black trim takes gray walls to new levels of style and sophistication.

Black trim also works well with metallic accents, such as gold or silver, for an added touch of luxury.

Quick Tip: Use painter’s tape for sharp, precise lines when painting your trim.

12. Romantic Pale Pink (#FFD1DC)

living room with gray walls and pale pink trim

Introduce a hint of romance to gray walls with pale pink trim. This gentle color adds warmth without overwhelming the space, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

Pale pink trim is especially suitable for bedrooms, nurseries, or spaces that benefit from a touch of whimsy.

In addition, pale pink trim can be used to soften industrial or minimalist design elements.

11. Monochromatic Charcoal Gray (#484848)

living room with gray walls and charcoal gray trim

Achieve a sophisticated monochromatic look by pairing gray walls with charcoal gray trim. This deeper shade adds depth and dimension, while maintaining harmony and cohesion.

Ideal for contemporary and minimalist interiors, this subtle contrast offers a rich and layered aesthetic.

Charcoal gray trim also enhances the visual interest of your space without overpowering the room.

10. Elegant Lavender (#E6E6FA)

living room with gray walls and lavender trim

Elevate gray walls with lavender trim for a luxurious touch. This soft color complements cool gray tones, creating a soothing and calming atmosphere.

The delicate contrast between gray walls and lavender trim adds depth and dimension, making it perfect for spaces where relaxation is key.

Lavender trim can be especially appealing in bedrooms or bathrooms, where a serene environment is desirable.

9. Dynamic Teal (#008080)

living room with gray walls and teal trim

Teal trim brings a splash of drama and excitement to gray walls. This vibrant color adds energy to living rooms and dining areas, creating a lively atmosphere.

Teal trim can help draw attention to interesting architectural features or furniture pieces within your space.

To complete the look, consider incorporating teal accents, such as throw pillows or artwork.

8. Serene Light Blue (#ADD8E6)

living room with gray walls and light blue trim

Create a tranquil and calming atmosphere in your space with light blue trim against your gray walls.

This soft and soothing color complements the cool tones of the gray walls, adding a sense of tranquility and relaxation to the room.

Light blue trim pairs well with light wood furniture and natural textures, creating an airy and coastal feel.

7. Dramatic Burgundy (#800020)

living room with gray walls and burgundy trim

Add a touch of opulence and sophistication to your gray walls with a burgundy trim. This deep and rich color evokes feelings of luxury and elegance.

Burgundy trim can be complemented with gold or brass accents for an extra touch of extravagance.

Try incorporating burgundy elements in your furnishings for a unified look.

6. Soft Peach (#FFE5B4)

living room with gray walls and soft peach trim

For a gentle and subtle contrast, pair your gray walls with a soft peach trim.

This warm and delicate color adds a touch of coziness and charm to the space, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Soft peach trim can also serve as a subtle backdrop for more vibrant accent colors, such as teal or coral. Use peach tones in your textiles for a cohesive design.

5. Earthy Olive Green (#808000)

living room with gray walls and olive green trim

Emphasize the organic vibe of your gray walls with olive green trim. This muted and earthy color adds depth and warmth to the space, evoking feelings of nature and tranquility.

Olive green trim is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or any area where relaxation is key.

Olive green trim pairs well with natural materials, such as wood and rattan, for a cozy and inviting look.

4. Dusty Rose (#DCAE96)

living room with gray walls and dusty rose trim

Dusty rose trim adds a touch of vintage charm to gray walls.

This muted and romantic color creates a calming and soothing atmosphere, ideal for bedrooms and living spaces.

Dusty rose trim can also be used to soften the contrast between dark and light gray walls. Incorporate dusty rose accents in your décor to complete the look.

3. Burnt Orange (#CC5500)

living room with gray walls and burnt orange trim

Enhance the warmth of gray walls with burnt orange trim.

This earthy color adds depth and vibrancy, making it perfect for social spaces, such as dining rooms or living areas.

Burnt orange trim can also help to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Pair with burnt orange accents for a harmonious design.

2. Smoky Purple (#9370DB)

living room with gray walls and smoky purple trim

Add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your gray walls with smoky purple trim.

This intriguing color adds depth and a sense of luxury, making it an excellent choice for spaces where elegance is desired.

Smoky purple trim also complements the cool tones of gray walls, resulting in a balanced and captivating color scheme.

Enhance the look further by incorporating smoky purple accents in your décor, such as throw pillows or curtains.

1. Versatile Beige (#F5F5DC)

living room with gray walls and beige trim

For a subtle and sophisticated contrast, pair your gray walls with beige trim.

This versatile and neutral color works well with various design styles and adds a sense of warmth and coziness to your space.

The combination of cool gray walls and warm beige trim creates a balanced and inviting atmosphere, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices.

To tie the look together, consider adding beige accents, such as area rugs or throw blankets.

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