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20 Alluring Colors to Perfectly Pair with Brown Brick

20 Alluring Colors to Perfectly Pair with Brown Brick

Brown bricks have long been a staple in architecture due to their classic appeal and versatility.

Brown brick exudes a timeless warmth. Sage green beautifully complements its rich depth, while creamy hues accentuate its earthy undertones.

For a striking contrast, deep navy emerges as a top choice, adding a touch of modern elegance. Together, these colors seamlessly enhance the inherent charm of brown brick structures.

This comprehensive guide provides a collection of 20 carefully selected colors, certain to beautifully complement the earthy, warm tones of brown brick.

Armed with these suggestions, you’re sure to find inspiration and make your brown brick stand out in the most elegant way possible.

Note: The color codes below are recommendations. We have tried to match the color code to the house in the images, but in some cases the colors may vary.

20. Dusty Pink (#DCAE96)

brown brick house with dusty pink trim

Dusty Pink stands as a surprising yet endearing color pairing for brown brick.

Its soft, pastel charm provides an unexpected and captivating contrast to the rugged, earthy appeal of brown brick, generating an ensemble of elegance with a hint of whimsy.

This muted shade, when incorporated into the exteriors as trim or as an accent wall inside the house, exudes a sense of warmth and gentle tranquility.

This contrast in textures breathes life into any space, marrying the solidity of the brown brick with the soft romanticism of dusty pink.

19. Warm Wood Tones

Brown brick house with wooden front door
Spiroview Inc/

To enhance the natural aesthetic of brown brick, consider using Warm Wood Tones.

With its rich, deep hues and organic grain patterns, wood introduces an additional layer of earthiness to the brickwork.

It enhances the rustic, robust appeal of brown brick, adding depth and texture.

Incorporating Warm Wood Tones into exterior elements like doors, window trims, or indoor furniture and flooring creates a harmonious, inviting atmosphere.

18. Charcoal Grey (#36454F)

brown brick house with charcoal grey front door
Spiroview Inc/

For those seeking a contemporary and sophisticated edge, Charcoal Grey is an excellent choice.

This deep, rich color provides a profound contrast to the warm and rustic tones of brown brick.

Charcoal Grey, when applied on elements such as window trims, shutters, or doors, accentuates the architectural elements, thereby elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

It also highlights the brickwork’s unique texture, making it an assertive and stylish pairing for brown brick.

17. Sage Green (#9CA382)

brown brick house with sage green trim
Susan Law Cain/

Sage Green introduces an element of serenity and peace to the robustness of brown brick.

Its subdued, earthy tone works in perfect harmony with the warm brick tones, generating an ensemble reminiscent of tranquil, natural landscapes.

The utilization of Sage Green for exterior elements like doors or shutters, or even interior walls, crafts a calming and balanced environment.

It stands as a perfect choice for those wishing to create an organic, relaxing space.

16. Royal Blue (#4169E1)

Royal Blue comes forward as a vibrant and assertive color choice to pair with brown brick.

Its bold and intense hue brings a modern, elegant contrast to the warm, earthy tones of the brick.

Used in exterior trims, doors, or for an interior accent wall, Royal Blue delivers a dynamic statement, bringing a fresh burst of color to the brown brick canvas.

It’s an ideal choice for those wanting to inject a dash of sophisticated vibrancy into their space.

15. Mustard Yellow (#E1AD01)

brown brick house with mustard yellow trim

An unexpected but beautiful pairing with brown brick is Mustard Yellow. It brings warmth and brightness to the earthy brown tones, creating a cheerful and inviting ambiance.

When applied on doors, window trims, or as an accent color indoors, Mustard Yellow can uplift the atmosphere, offering a sunny and optimistic character to the whole design scheme.

Its striking presence against the brick’s rugged texture generates a lively yet comforting visual interest.

14. Midnight Black (#000000)

brown brick house with midnight black front door
Spiroview Inc/

For those who appreciate a bold, dramatic contrast, Midnight Black is an excellent choice.

This deep, intense hue provides a striking juxtaposition against the warm, rustic tones of brown brick. It’s a color choice that oozes modern sophistication and timeless elegance.

When applied on elements such as doors, window frames, or interior walls, Midnight Black delivers a bold, commanding presence, while highlighting the unique texture and charm of brown brick.

13. Soft Beige (#F5F5DC)

brown brick house with soft beige trim

For an understated yet sophisticated pairing, Soft Beige can be the perfect companion to brown brick.

Its light and soothing tone harmonizes well with the deeper, warmer hues of the brick, creating a gentle contrast that’s pleasant to the eye.

When incorporated into exterior trims, shutters, or interior designs, Soft Beige gently highlights the unique brick texture.

It carves a serene, inviting atmosphere that subtly captivates with its calming presence.

12. Terracotta (#E2725B)

brown brick house with terracotta siding

Choosing Terracotta as a complement to brown brick offers a captivating continuity of earthy hues.

This warm, rusty color mirrors the natural, rustic charm of brown brick, creating a harmonious blend that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Its usage in exterior details or indoor accents not only enhances the architectural beauty but also gives the space a vibrant, earthy energy.

Terracotta embodies a sense of comfort and warmth that enhances the rugged allure of brown brick.

11. Forest Green (#228B22)

brown brick house with forest green front door
Spiroview Inc/

Forest Green proposes a bold and tranquil choice for those looking to bring the soothing essence of nature to their brown brick structure.

Its rich and verdant tones evoke the tranquility of a lush woodland, providing a serene counterpoint to the warm brick tones.

The application of Forest Green on elements such as window frames or doors, or as an accent wall, adds a sense of depth and tranquility, further emphasizing the brick’s organic appeal.

10. Sky Blue (#87CEEB)

brown brick house with sky blue siding

For those desiring a refreshing and breezy contrast to brown brick, Sky Blue is an excellent choice.

Its light, airy hues recall the vast expanse of a clear sky, bringing a fresh breath of calm to the warm, earthy charm of brown brick.

Incorporating Sky Blue into exterior elements like trims, shutters, or creating an accent wall indoors can infuse your space with a serene, expansive vibe.

It’s a perfect choice for those seeking to establish an environment filled with peacefulness and tranquility.

9. Deep Plum (#8E4585)

brown brick house with deep plum front door
Spiroview Inc/

Adding an element of dramatic sophistication to brown brick, Deep Plum stands as an alluring choice.

This intense, opulent color provides a striking contrast to the rustic, warm undertones of the brick, creating an engaging visual appeal.

Whether you use Deep Plum on doors, window trims, or for an accent wall in your interior space, it introduces a bold element of luxury.

Its dark, rich tones dramatically accentuate the texture and depth of the brown brick.

8. Classic Navy (#000080)

brown brick house with classic navy front door
Spiroview Inc/

If you’re looking for a traditional yet distinctive pairing with brown brick, Classic Navy is your go-to color.

This robust, deep blue offers a graceful counterpoint to the earthy tones of the brick, exuding a sense of timeless elegance.

When applied on doors, shutters, or even as an accent wall color, Classic Navy brings forward a strong statement of sophistication, beautifully highlighting the unique texture and charm of brown brick.

7. Vibrant Red (#FF0000)

brown brick house with vibrant red trim
Susan Law Cain/

For a striking, audacious pairing with brown brick, Vibrant Red is a top contender. Its fiery, passionate hue creates an energetic contrast to the warm, rustic brick tones.

When used on doors, window trims, or as an indoor accent, Vibrant Red makes a bold statement, drawing attention and adding a unique visual dynamic to the brick’s overall aesthetic.

It’s an excellent choice for those wanting to infuse their space with a lively, spirited character.

6. Cool Mint (#98FF98)

brown brick house with cool mint trim
Susan Law Cain/

Cool Mint breathes a fresh, revitalizing vibe into the rustic, warm tones of brown brick.

Its soothing and gentle hues offer a delightful contrast, adding a touch of coolness to the earthy brick aesthetic.

Incorporating Cool Mint into exterior elements such as doors, shutters, or in interior designs, instills a sense of calm, refreshing ambiance.

It’s a superb choice for those seeking a serene, balanced environment within their brown brick structure.

5. Rich Teal (#008080)

brown brick house with rich teal trim

If you’re looking for a color to create a unique, sophisticated contrast against brown brick, Rich Teal is a magnificent choice.

The deep, luminous shades of teal strike a compelling balance with the earthy warmth of the brick.

Utilizing Rich Teal on exterior accents like doors or window trims, or as an indoor accent wall, adds a layer of luxury and depth to the design scheme.

It’s an ideal selection for those looking to infuse a fashionable, elegant flair into their space.

4. Rustic Orange (#FF7F00)

brown brick house with rustic orange siding

Rustic Orange is a fascinating, vibrant pairing for brown brick. Its warm, bright undertones resonate with the earthy allure of the brick, establishing a visually cohesive, vibrant blend.

This color, when used on exterior accents or as an indoor design element, enhances the overall aesthetic, infusing a lively, comforting energy into the environment.

It’s a captivating choice for those seeking to amplify the rustic charm of their brown brick structure.

3. Olive Green (#808000)

brown brick house with olive green trim
Susan Law Cain/

Olive Green presents an attractive, natural pairing with brown brick. Its subdued, earthy tones blend well with the warm hues of the brick, creating a tranquil, organic ambiance.

Whether used on doors, shutters, or as an indoor accent, Olive Green introduces a sense of harmony and tranquility, underscoring the natural beauty of the brick.

It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate a serene, earth-inspired aesthetic.

2. Burnished Gold (#DAA520)

brown brick house with burnished gold trim
Susan Law Cain/

For a touch of classic elegance, Burnished Gold makes a splendid companion to brown brick.

Its rich, luxurious undertones add a sense of grandeur to the earthy, rustic appeal of the brick.

Using Burnished Gold on doors, window frames, or as an accent color indoors, brings a warm, opulent glow to the space.

It’s a delightful option for those aiming for a sophisticated, refined atmosphere.

1. Classic White (#FFFFFF)

brown brick house with classic white trim

Classic White stands as a timeless choice to complement brown brick. Its clean, crisp brightness offers a refreshing contrast against the warm, earthy brick tones.

Applied on doors, window trims, or interior walls, Classic White highlights the unique texture and characteristics of the brick, creating a balanced, visually appealing ensemble.

It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a minimalist, modern look without compromising the rustic charm of brown brick.

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