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Best 16 Colors to Complement Burgundy in Your Home

Best 16 Colors to Complement Burgundy in Your Home

Burgundy, a rich and opulent shade, effortlessly brings a touch of luxury to any room. Striking a balance between red’s fiery passion and the calmness of deeper purples, burgundy creates a timeless aesthetic.

But pairing it with the right shades is crucial to truly showcase its splendor. From muted neutrals to vibrant pops, we’ve compiled a list of 16 colors that seamlessly elevate burgundy’s charm.

16. Soft Peach (#FFDAB9)

burgundy and soft peach living room

Soft Peach introduces a delicate contrast to the depth of burgundy. It’s a muted, gentle hue that balances out burgundy’s intensity, adding an ethereal lightness to the mix.

When combined, these two create an ambiance of soft romance.

Furnishing Tips: Peach-colored cushions, throws, or vases can subtly brighten a burgundy-dominated room. This shade works wonderfully in living areas, providing a soft, welcoming atmosphere.

15. Cool Gray (#A0AEC0)

burgundy and cool gray living room

Cool Gray is the epitome of sophistication. It seamlessly merges with burgundy, forming a harmonious alliance that exudes a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Its understated elegance ensures that while it supports the richness of burgundy, it also holds its own in the room.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate this hue through textured rugs, minimalist wall art, or upholstered furniture. The Cool Gray pairs beautifully with burgundy in the living room, evoking a balanced and stylish aura.

14. Creamy White (#FFF5E1)

burgundy and creamy white living room

Creamy White offers a serene backdrop that allows the luxurious tone of burgundy to shine brilliantly.

Its purity and simplicity bring forth an airy feel, allowing spaces to appear brighter and more spacious. Together, they forge a classic combination that can never go wrong.

Furnishing Tips: Creamy White soft furnishings, like curtains or throw blankets, contrast beautifully against burgundy walls.

Perfect for bedrooms, this pairing ensures peaceful slumbers and refreshing mornings.

13. Gold (#FFD700)

burgundy and gold living room

Gold and burgundy together are the epitome of regal elegance. This luxurious pairing harks back to opulent ballrooms and royal feasts.

Gold’s shimmering brilliance is accentuated by the deep richness of burgundy, resulting in a space that radiates grandeur.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate gold through ornate frames, metallic accents on furniture, or even light fixtures.

This color combination would be especially majestic in a formal dining room or a grand entryway, setting the tone for an ambiance of lavish splendor.

12. Teal Blue (#008080)

burgundy and teal blue living room

Teal Blue adds a splash of refreshing vibrancy when paired with the deep richness of burgundy. It’s like the cool ocean meeting a warm beach; the duo is electrifying yet balanced.

The combination echoes sophistication while retaining a vivacious edge, making spaces feel both alive and elegant.

Furnishing Tips: Opt for teal blue pendant lights, abstract paintings, or decorative bowls to balance out burgundy’s dominance.

Ideal for an entryway or hallway, the blend of these colors ensures a memorable welcome for guests.

11. Olive Green (#808000)

burgundy and olive green living room

Olive Green and burgundy together sing a harmonious tune reminiscent of rustic vineyards and aged wines.

The organic feel of Olive Green paired with burgundy’s opulence results in an ambiance that’s both grounded and grand, making rooms feel comforting yet stately.

Furnishing Tips: Olive Green wall hangings, rustic wooden furnishings, or terracotta pots would accentuate burgundy walls or furnishings perfectly.

This combo shines in a personal study or den, enveloping one in an atmosphere of mature elegance.

10. Deep Navy (#000080)

burgundy and deep navy living room

When Deep Navy meets burgundy, there’s a confluence of two profound depths. This duo oozes a sophisticated allure, reminding one of twilight skies over deep crimson horizons.

Together, they craft a setting of mystery, depth, and luxury, perfect for those who enjoy a touch of drama.

Furnishing Tips: Use Deep Navy in statement pieces like a centerpiece rug, an accent wall, or in rich upholstery.

It pairs beautifully with burgundy in a master bedroom, promising dreams as deep as the night sky.

9. Soft Pink (#FFC0CB)

burgundy and soft pink living room

The delicate charm of Soft Pink intertwined with the depth of burgundy is a painter’s dream palette. This duo embodies romance, reminiscent of blossoming roses in a vintage garden.

Soft Pink lightens the profound depth of burgundy, resulting in a space that feels both comforting and ethereal.

Furnishing Tips: Consider Soft Pink drapes, plush throw pillows, or delicately patterned wallpapers to introduce this hue. The bedroom is an ideal space for this combination.

8. Forest Green (#228B22)

burgundy and forest green living room

Forest Green and burgundy together bring the beauty of the outdoors in.

The deep natural hue of the forest combined with the richness of burgundy captures an ambiance of an old-world library or a serene forest retreat. It’s a palette that’s both regal and rustic.

Furnishing Tips: Embrace Forest Green through statement furniture, potted indoor trees, or classical paintings.

This blend flourishes in a home library or reading nook, promising hours engrossed in tales as old as time.

7. Sky Blue (#87CEEB)

burgundy and sky blue living room

Sky Blue offers a breath of fresh air against the intense depth of burgundy. The pairing evokes the beauty of clear skies over a vineyard, an interplay of vast openness and grounded depth.

This duo is for those who wish to bring a sense of vastness and space to their interiors.

Furnishing Tips: Sky Blue cushions, wall art, or ceramic vases can be intriguing focal points amidst a burgundy backdrop.

The combo is especially captivating for an enclosed patio or a sunroom, connecting the space to the open sky.

6. Burnt Sienna (#E97451)

burgundy and burnt sienna living room

Burnt Sienna, with its earthy orange undertones, complements burgundy in a way that feels both grounded and vibrant.

Their partnership evokes memories of autumn leaves and sunsets, creating an atmosphere that’s warm, cozy, and full of character.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate Burnt Sienna through pottery, decorative bowls, or patterned carpets. A lounge or a family room with this combination promises warmth, comfort, and endless cozy evenings.

5. Mint Green (#98FF98)

burgundy and mint green living room

Mint Green introduces a fresh, revitalizing touch when partnered with burgundy. The light, almost ethereal tone of mint provides a crisp juxtaposition to the sultry depth of burgundy.

Together, they channel a dynamic of vintage charm intertwined with a modern twist, a serene garden meeting a rich vineyard.

Furnishing Tips: Think Mint Green throw pillows, wall decals, or even glassware. It’s a delightful shade for the kitchen or breakfast nook, promising a fresh start to every morning.

4. Smoky Purple (#695D87)

burgundy and smoky purple living room

Smoky Purple and burgundy create a dreamy dance of shades, where the muted elegance of Smoky Purple complements the depth of burgundy.

This duo resonates with twilight evenings, a blend of mysterious shadows and rich wine moments, exuding an aura of refined opulence.

Furnishing Tips: Integrate Smoky Purple through velvet chairs, draped curtains, or elegant lampshades.

This color is sublime for a personal workspace or studio, creating a backdrop for inspiration and creativity.

3. Classic Ivory (#FFFFF0)

burgundy and ivory living room

Classic Ivory acts as the quintessential neutral, offering a canvas that highlights the richness of burgundy.

Its clean, understated elegance brings forth a sense of expansiveness, allowing burgundy to shine without any overpowering contrasts.

Furnishing Tips: Classic Ivory works well with upholstery, shag rugs, or even bookshelves.

When combined with burgundy in a formal living room, it assures a setting of timeless charm and sophistication.

2. Lavender (#E6E6FA)

burgundy and lavender living room

When Lavender, with its gentle floral notes, meets burgundy, it’s like a fragrant spring evening under a starlit vineyard.

The pairing is dreamy and serene, with Lavender’s subtle coolness balancing the warmth of burgundy. Together, they craft spaces that exude a soft, poetic charm.

Furnishing Tips: Lavender accents can be brought in through soft linens, floral arrangements, or even as a muted wall color.

A sunroom or reading nook would benefit from this pairing, creating a peaceful space to unwind and daydream.

1. Slate Gray (#708090)

burgundy and slate gray living room

Slate Gray stands tall as a versatile neutral that reinforces the grandeur of burgundy. Its muted coolness accentuates the warmth of burgundy, crafting an ambiance that’s both modern and majestic.

This duo is for those seeking a contemporary edge without sacrificing classic elegance.

Furnishing Tips: Consider Slate Gray for modern furniture pieces, wall accents, or even geometric artwork.

Best suited for a minimalist living space, this combination speaks volumes about refined taste and avant-garde design.

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