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Best 16 Colors to Complement Lavender

Best 16 Colors to Complement Lavender

Lavender is more than just a flower or a scent; it’s a color that carries an aura of serenity and sophistication.

Its soft tone can provide an ethereal touch to any space, but pairing it with the right complementary colors can truly make it come alive.

16. Soft Peach (#FFDAB9)

lavender and peach living room

Soft peach echoes summer sunsets and morning glows. It’s an embodiment of warm light, making it an enticing match for lavender’s dreamy essence.

This pairing captures a delicate balance between warm and cool, conjuring an inviting and harmonious ambiance.

Furnishing Tips: Consider soft peach curtains in a lavender-painted room. This blend will allow sunlight to filter through in a warm, embracing hue, enhancing the room’s comforting aura.

15. Teal (#008080)

teal and lavender living room

Teal, with its deep undertones, stands as a bold juxtaposition to lavender’s ethereal charm.

While they might seem worlds apart, when combined, the result is a breathtaking blend of grounded intensity and airy elegance. Their duality brings a unique vibrancy and depth to any space.

Furnishing Tips: Introduce teal vases or artwork against a lavender backdrop. This combination will create focal points of interest and conversation in any room.

14. Butter Yellow (#FFFD74)

butter yellow and lavender interior

Butter yellow embodies optimism and radiance, creating an immediate visual delight when matched with lavender’s tranquillity.

The contrast between the two is a dance of vibrancy and subtlety. As butter yellow infuses energy, lavender ensures it doesn’t overwhelm, resulting in a balanced, uplifting ambiance.

Furnishing Tips: In a lavender-themed space, add butter yellow decor elements like ceramic pots or wall hangings to craft a cheerful focal point that captivates the eye.

13. Charcoal Grey (#4B4B4B)

charcoal gray and lavender living room

The deep richness of charcoal grey acts as a grounding force to the airy delicateness of lavender.

Together, they exude an aura of luxury and sophistication. Charcoal gives weight and structure to lavender’s dreamlike quality, ensuring spaces have both depth and lightness.

Furnishing Tips: For a touch of elegance in a lavender room, think charcoal grey upholstered chairs or plush area rugs that add layers of texture and sophistication.

12. Coral (#FF6F61)

coral and lavender living room

Coral’s lively spirit harmonizes delightfully with the soothing allure of lavender. This combination brings out a Mediterranean feel, reminiscent of blooming flowers by the sea.

The passionate warmth of coral uplifts lavender’s soothing essence, creating spaces that feel both animated and relaxed.

Furnishing Tips: Embrace coral accent pieces, like decorative bowls or wall clocks, in lavender settings. The pieces will introduce an exciting burst of color and refresh the room’s dynamic.

11. Mint Green (#98FF98)

mint green and lavender kitchen

Mint green, with its refreshing vibe, beautifully complements the calmness of lavender. The combination feels like an early spring morning when blooms are just beginning to show.

The subtle vibrancy of mint green plays well with lavender’s muted elegance, providing a serene, nature-inspired palette.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate mint green textiles, like curtains or bed linens, in a lavender room. The mix of these colors offers a restful, spa-like atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

10. Rose Gold (#B76E79)

rose gold and lavender living room

Rose gold offers a metallic sheen that brings out the best in lavender’s romantic side. Their union strikes a balance between opulence and simplicity.

The glint of rose gold heightens the gentle allure of lavender, creating a space that’s both luxurious and comforting.

Furnishing Tips: Decorate a lavender-themed room with rose gold light fixtures or picture frames. Their reflective qualities will amplify the ambient light, casting a soft, dreamy glow.

9. Olive Green (#808000)

olive green and lavender living room

Olive green’s earthy tones naturally juxtapose with the celestial nature of lavender.

This pairing feels rooted and lofty simultaneously, creating a harmonious blend of grounded reality and dreamy aspirations. The earth and sky connotation is especially potent with this duo.

Furnishing Tips: Consider placing olive green potted plants or decor elements on lavender-painted shelves or counters. This pairing brings a touch of nature indoors, creating an organic feel.

8. Powder Blue (#B0E0E6)

powder blue and lavender living room

Powder blue, with its sky-like quality, elevates lavender’s inherent tranquillity. Together, they evoke feelings of floating amidst clouds at dusk, where serenity meets the first hints of nighttime.

The duo offers an ethereal elegance that’s undeniably mesmerizing.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate powder blue upholstery or wall art in a lavender environment. The cool tones, when combined, craft an oasis of calmness, making any room a tranquil retreat.

7. Caramel Brown (#D2691E)

caramel brown and lavender living room

Caramel brown radiates a rich warmth that provides a comforting embrace to lavender’s subtle coolness.

This union seamlessly captures a balance of earthiness and whimsy, creating spaces that feel both homey and enchanted.

The depth of caramel combined with the ethereal touch of lavender brings out a rustic elegance.

Furnishing Tips: Add caramel brown leather or wooden furniture pieces, such as side tables or ottomans, in a lavender-draped room.

This addition gives a robust, grounded contrast to the airy feel of lavender.

6. Blush Pink (#FFC0CB)

blush pink and lavender bedroom

Blush pink exudes a gentle charm that aligns beautifully with the tenderness of lavender. These two colors together speak of spring blossoms and soft sunsets.

The delicate pairing offers a soft, nurturing atmosphere, making spaces feel like a romantic daydream.

Furnishing Tips: Use blush pink decorative cushions, vases, or wall decals in a lavender space. This combination will accentuate the room’s romantic and gentle vibe, perfect for creating a peaceful haven.

5. Navy Blue (#000080)

navy blue and lavender living room

The deep, mysterious undertones of navy blue provide a dramatic backdrop to the calming serenity of lavender.

Together, they create an oceanic expanse where the depth of the sea meets the ethereal horizon. This pairing offers a balance of intensity and relaxation, evoking an air of timeless elegance.

Furnishing Tips: Consider navy blue area rugs or wall accents in a lavender-decorated room. The deep hues of navy will anchor the space, providing a striking contrast and depth to the lavender’s softness.

4. Cream (#FFFDD0)

cream and lavender living room

Cream’s subtle warmth and understated elegance make it a natural ally for lavender. Their combined effect is reminiscent of vintage charm and timeless grace.

The velvety touch of cream enhances the dreamlike quality of lavender, resulting in an atmosphere of pure, refined tranquility.

Furnishing Tips: Introduce cream-colored draperies or upholstery in a lavender-themed setting. This blend will evoke a classic, timeless feel, perfect for spaces seeking an air of nostalgic elegance.

3. Plum (#8E4585)

plum and lavender living room

Darker and more intense, plum complements lavender by accentuating its inherent depth and richness.

When paired, they create a regal ambiance reminiscent of majestic sunsets or rich tapestries. Plum elevates lavender, giving it a backdrop against which its lightness can truly shine.

Furnishing Tips: Introduce plum-colored throws, cushions, or even book covers on a coffee table in a lavender space. The depth of plum will add layers to the room, bringing a touch of regality and contrast.

2. Silver (#C0C0C0)

silver and lavender bedroom

Silver, with its metallic coolness, provides a sleek and modern contrast to lavender’s soft hue. This duo brings forth a futuristic elegance.

While lavender whispers tales of soft meadows, silver echoes the sleek lines of modern design, making for a combination that’s both soft and edgy.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate silver decorative items such as mirrors, candle holders, or even metallic-finished furniture in a lavender room.

Their reflective surface will amplify the ambient light and give a contemporary twist to the space.

1. Emerald Green (#50C878)

emerald green and lavender living room

Emerald green, radiant with vitality and depth, offers a stunning contrast to the muted elegance of lavender. The two shades together feel like a lush garden at the cusp of spring and summer.

The opulence of emerald green juxtaposed with lavender’s serenity creates a harmonious, luxurious atmosphere.

Furnishing Tips: Consider adding emerald green velvet pillows or ornate lampshades in a predominantly lavender space.

The vividness of emerald will breathe life into the room, offering spots of brilliance and richness.

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