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10 Best Colors to Pair With Maroon in Your Home

10 Best Colors to Pair With Maroon in Your Home

Maroon, a color that embodies the richness of wine and the depth of a fading sunset, is versatile and profoundly beautiful. It has been a go-to choice for those who desire to infuse their spaces with a sense of sophistication and warmth.

But the magic of maroon is truly unleashed when paired with the right colors. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating moods, evoking emotions, and transforming spaces.

10. Soft Pink (#FFD1DC)

maroon and soft pink living room

Soft pink, a hue reminiscent of dawn’s first blush, pairs beautifully with maroon to craft a canvas of dreamy nostalgia. The delicate embrace of soft pink harmoniously resonates with maroon’s deep warmth, weaving a tapestry of romance and serenity.

Why it works with maroon: Soft pink, with its gentle charm, accentuates the profound depth of maroon, creating an ambiance that’s both comforting and inviting.

Best suited for: Bedrooms, where their combined aura can cultivate feelings of love and tranquility.

Furnishing Tips: Adorn your bedroom with soft pink bedding or draperies, and complement the arrangement with maroon walls or accents, crafting an idyllic restful haven.

9. Beige (#F5F5DC)

beige and maroon living room

Beige, a hue evocative of tranquil sandy shores, effortlessly merges with maroon to sketch an image of timeless elegance. The unassuming grace of beige seamlessly aligns with maroon’s robust character, portraying a narrative of classic sophistication.

Why it works with maroon: Beige, with its subtle elegance, magnifies maroon’s majestic stature, curating a backdrop that’s eternally stylish.

Best suited for: Living rooms, where their harmonious blend can manifest an aura of understated grandeur.

Furnishing Tips: Pair a beige sofa with maroon cushions or throws, and accentuate the setting with maroon wall art, establishing a living space that’s both chic and cozy.

8. Navy Blue (#001F3F)

maroon and navy blue living room

Navy blue, evoking the mysteries of the deep ocean, aligns majestically with maroon to etch a realm of royal allure. The profound depths of navy blue flawlessly intertwine with maroon’s regal essence, sculpting a dominion of luxury and intrigue.

Why it works with maroon: Navy blue, with its enigmatic depth, elevates maroon’s opulent aura, crafting an environment that’s lavishly captivating.

Best suited for: Study or home office, where their combined essence can inspire focus and grand thoughts.

Furnishing Tips: Introduce a navy blue desk or bookcase in a room with maroon walls, achieving an ambiance fit for scholarly pursuits or visionary dreams.

7. Gold (#FFD700)

maroon and gold living room

Gold, a hue reminiscent of ageless treasures and regal crowns, brilliantly complements maroon to weave an ambiance of unbridled luxury. The radiant luminance of gold melds impeccably with maroon’s deep vibrancy, creating a panorama of opulence and grandeur.

Why it works with maroon: Gold, with its lustrous sheen, enhances maroon’s rich allure, presenting a tableau that exudes sophistication.

Best suited for: Dining rooms, where their combined splendor can set the stage for majestic feasts and celebrations.

Furnishing Tips: Elevate your dining space with gold-trimmed crockery or candle holders, harmonized with maroon table runners or wall panels, curating a banquet hall of elegance.

6. Cream (#FFFDD0)

maroon and cream living room

Cream, a hue that evokes memories of vintage lace and antique parchment, synergizes with maroon to illustrate a canvas of gentle contrast. The muted brilliance of cream pairs effortlessly with the depth of maroon, sketching a portrait of soft elegance and warmth.

Why it works with maroon: Cream, with its light and airy essence, serves as a serene backdrop, allowing maroon’s intensity to shine gracefully.

Best suited for: Sunrooms or enclosed porches, where their combined lightness can radiate serenity and calm.

Furnishing Tips: Blend cream-colored seating or draperies with maroon accent pillows or rugs, forging a tranquil retreat for relaxation and reflection.

5. Slate Gray (#708090)

maroon and slate gray living room

Slate gray, reminiscent of overcast skies and modern metropolis, fuses with maroon to architect a contemporary urban aesthetic. The cool, neutral demeanor of slate gray contrasts perfectly with maroon’s fiery depth, offering a sophisticated metropolitan vibe.

Why it works with maroon: Slate gray, with its modern and sleek character, adds a contemporary twist to maroon’s classic warmth, defining a space that’s both edgy and inviting.

Best suited for: Bathrooms, to bring in a chic, avant-garde aura.

Furnishing Tips: Employ slate gray tiles or vanities, offset with maroon bath linens or wall accents, constructing a spa-like sanctuary that’s both modern and cozy.

4. Burnt Sienna (#AB4C27)

maroon and burnt sienna living room

Burnt Sienna, reminiscent of terracotta landscapes and autumnal canvases, harmonizes exquisitely with maroon, painting a scene of earthy sophistication. The rusted warmth of Burnt Sienna paired with maroon’s velvety depth evokes feelings of timelessness and grounded beauty.

Why it works with maroon: Burnt Sienna’s earth-toned warmth complements maroon’s regal depth, creating a blend that feels both rooted in nature and enveloped in luxury.

Best suited for: Cozy dens or study rooms, where the combined hues can kindle a sense of warmth, reflection, and depth.

Furnishing Tips: Enrich study spaces with Burnt Sienna shelving or upholstery, contrasted by maroon walls or accents, crafting a setting conducive to deep thought and leisurely contemplation.

3. Charcoal (#36454F)

maroon and charcoal living room

Charcoal, drawing inspiration from stormy nights and smoky embers, aligns with maroon to curate a backdrop of drama and intensity. The dark allure of charcoal, paired with maroon’s fervent warmth, sketches a narrative of bold contrasts and theatrical flair.

Why it works with maroon: Charcoal, with its deep and brooding aura, heightens the passionate ambiance of maroon, carving a space that’s both intriguing and intense.

Best suited for: Home theaters or entertainment rooms, where their combined depth can enhance cinematic experiences.

Furnishing Tips: Integrate charcoal-colored sofas or wall panels, complemented by maroon acoustic tiles or cushions, fashioning an immersive environment for entertainment and leisure.

2. Dusty Blue (#889BAE)

maroon and dusty blue living room

Dusty Blue, reminiscent of twilight skies and tranquil seasides, aligns gracefully with maroon, curating an ambiance of calm and depth. The muted allure of Dusty Blue, combined with maroon’s passionate warmth, captures a feeling of reflective sophistication.

Why it works with maroon: Dusty Blue’s serene undertones playfully juxtapose maroon’s fervor, cultivating an atmosphere that feels both meditative and spirited.

Best suited for: Living spaces or bedrooms, to weave a tapestry of relaxation and introspection.

Furnishing Tips: Incorporate dusty blue textiles like rugs or throw blankets in spaces with maroon walls or furniture, sculpting an environment of calm elegance.

1. Ivory (#FFFFF0)

maroon and ivory living room

Ivory, reminiscent of age-old manuscripts and elegant pearls, merges effortlessly with maroon to narrate a tale of classic allure and grace. The subdued brilliance of ivory stands in serene contrast to maroon’s passionate depth, painting a picture of timeless elegance.

Why it works with maroon: Ivory, with its understated luxury, offers a delicate canvas that allows maroon’s grandeur to shine brilliantly.

Best suited for: Living areas, where the interplay of hues can set the tone for heartwarming conversations and gatherings.

Furnishing Tips: Introduce ivory sofas or curtains in a setting accentuated by maroon rugs or wall art, forging a living space that exudes both comfort and class.