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17 Color Choices for Your Craftsman House

17 Color Choices for Your Craftsman House

Craftsman style houses, with their unique blend of sophistication and rustic charm, are a staple of American architecture. These homes are known for their attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and the natural harmony they create with their surroundings.

The right color palette can not only enhance the architectural beauty of your Craftsman home but also reflects its rich history and character.

These twenty selections have been carefully chosen to enhance the unique aesthetic of Craftsman homes.

17. Teal (#008080)

teal Craftsman House

Teal is a daring choice that pays off with a striking and elegant aesthetic.

The depth of this color provides a rich backdrop to showcase the hand-crafted woodwork common in Craftsman homes.

Its inherent warmth complements the natural materials often used in the construction of these houses.

Although bold, this color is surprisingly versatile and works well with a variety of complementary colors, especially warm neutrals.

16. Warm Stone (#98867B)

warm stone Craftsman House

Warm stone is a wonderful option if you’re looking to keep things subtle yet elegant.

This color adds an earthy, grounded feel to your Craftsman home, keeping in sync with its design philosophy of simplicity and functionality.

Pair it with crisp white trim for a balanced and eye-pleasing contrast that complements the natural stone and wood materials often found in Craftsman homes.

15. Sage Green (#68855C)

sage green Craftsman House
Robert Crum/

Sage green is another color choice that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings often found around Craftsman homes.

It embodies a tranquil and serene atmosphere, promoting a peaceful living environment.

This soft green hue works exceptionally well with earth tones and can enhance the wooden detailing prevalent in Craftsman architecture. For a bolder contrast, consider using a darker trim.

14. Classic Cream (#F5F5DC)

cream Craftsman House

A timeless shade, cream brings an understated elegance to your Craftsman house.

This gentle hue lets the architectural detailing of your home become the star, ensuring nothing distracts from the craftsmanship inherent in its design.

The inherent warmth in cream enhances the cozy, inviting feel of the house, evoking an image of a tranquil and comfortable haven.

To elevate the look, consider pairing this color with a trim in dark chestnut.

This adds depth and contrast to the overall appearance of the home, creating an appealing visual balance that draws the eye.

13. Orange (#FF7F00)

orange Craftsman House

For those seeking a color choice as lively as their personality, orange provides a dynamic infusion of energy into Craftsman homes.

The audacious radiance of this shade creates an eye-catching contrast with the wooden details that are a hallmark of Craftsman style.

This energetic hue, reminiscent of fiery sunsets, can truly make your house a neighborhood landmark.

Balance this vivacious color with a soft cream trim to ensure a harmonious look that’s bold but not overwhelming.

Use this color strategically, highlighting rather than obscuring your home’s architectural charm.

12. Muted Mustard (#D2B55B)

muted mustard Craftsman House
Robert Crum/

An epitome of nostalgic charm, muted mustard gives your Craftsman home a distinct vintage feel.

Its warm undertones echo the rustic, natural materials commonly found in these houses, contributing to an atmosphere of welcoming coziness.

This color’s subtle vibrancy enhances the detailed craftsmanship of your home, giving it a unique character that stands out in the best way possible.

Try pairing muted mustard with a white trim for an extra dash of sophistication, creating an appealing contrast that enhances your home’s visual depth.

11. Olive Green (#808000)

olive green Craftsman House

Olive green brings a balance of tranquility and earthy charm to Craftsman style homes.

This color not only enhances the natural beauty of the outdoor surroundings, but also creates a stunning backdrop for your home’s exquisite woodwork.

The inviting warmth of this hue is perfect for those who appreciate a rustic, organic aesthetic.

When combined with a creamy white trim, it forms a classic color duo that’s both vibrant and timeless.

10. Toasted Almond (#D2B48C)

toasted almond Craftsman House

Toasted almond is a warm, neutral color that offers an appealing and elegant simplicity. This shade is extremely versatile and blends seamlessly with a variety of other hues, especially earth tones.

The muted warmth of toasted almond accentuates the detailed craftsmanship inherent in these homes, while maintaining an overall soothing appearance.

Paired with a crisp white trim, this color combination brings out the timeless charm of Craftsman style architecture.

9. Cobalt Blue (#0047AB)

cobalt blue Craftsman House
Robert Crum/

Cobalt blue is a vibrant, dynamic choice that adds a pop of color to your Craftsman home.

This vivid blue shade makes a bold statement, while still complementing the natural materials used in the construction of these houses.

The striking hue of cobalt blue can accentuate the distinctive architectural features of Craftsman style homes.

Complement it with a clean, white trim to create a pleasing contrast that’s both bold and balanced.

8. Terracotta (#E2725B)

terracotta Craftsman House

Terracotta is an earthy, warm hue that’s perfect for Craftsman homes.

Its rich tone evokes a sense of comfort and warmth, and its natural undertone works beautifully with the traditional wood and stone elements often found in Craftsman architecture.

This color can help create a cozy, inviting ambiance, making your house feel like a true home.

Try pairing terracotta with a neutral trim, like classic cream, to highlight its richness without overpowering the overall look.

7. Moss Green (#8A9A5B)

moss green Craftsman House

Moss green is a color that is in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings often found around Craftsman homes.

This soft, muted green is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a tranquil and calming environment.

Its earthy tone complements the wooden detailing prevalent in Craftsman architecture, adding to the home’s rustic appeal.

Consider using a darker or contrasting trim, like toasted almond, to highlight the architectural details of your home.

6. Autumn Gold (#D4A017)

autumn gold Craftsman House

Autumn gold is a vibrant, warm color that brings to mind the golden hues of a fall landscape.

This color’s natural warmth works beautifully with the organic materials common in Craftsman houses, creating a harmonious, inviting feel.

The golden hue is bold without being overpowering and works well with a variety of trim colors. For a standout look, pair it with a dark chestnut trim.

5. Tan (#D2B48C)

tan Craftsman House

Tan is a classic, neutral shade that resonates with the understated elegance of Craftsman homes.

This color harmoniously blends with the architectural details of these houses, providing a timeless aesthetic that is both subtle and appealing.

Its muted warmth is the perfect backdrop for the natural stone and wood elements that define Craftsman style.

Consider pairing it with a contrasting dark slate gray trim to add an extra layer of depth to your home’s exterior.

4. Rustic Red (#8B0000)

rustic red Craftsman House
Robert Crum/

Rustic red is a bold, dramatic choice that brings a sense of energy and vibrancy to your Craftsman home.

Its rich depth contrasts beautifully with the intricate woodwork commonly found in these houses, creating a dynamic visual appeal.

Use this color sparingly and balance it with lighter shades, such as a classic cream trim, to prevent it from becoming overpowering.

Quick tip: use your bold color choices strategically to highlight your home’s most distinctive features.

3. Seafoam Green (#71EEB8)

seafoam green Craftsman House

Seafoam green offers a refreshing, tranquil appeal that can instantly brighten up the facade of your Craftsman home.

This soft, pastel color provides a serene backdrop for your home’s architectural details and complements the natural surroundings often found near Craftsman houses.

Pair it with a contrasting deep chestnut trim to accentuate the unique architectural features of your home.

2. Smoky Gray (#708090)

smoky gray Craftsman House

Smoky gray is a versatile, timeless color that can give your Craftsman home a sophisticated, modern touch.

This neutral shade works well with a variety of architectural styles and complements most landscaping, making it a safe, yet stylish choice.

The subdued elegance of smoky gray enhances the natural materials and handcrafted details inherent in Craftsman houses. Pair it with a bright white trim for a classic, crisp look.

1. Dark Olive Green (#556B2F)

dark olive green Craftsman House

Topping our list is dark olive green. This rich, earthy green is historically associated with Craftsman homes, making it a timeless choice that remains popular today.

The natural warmth of this color beautifully enhances the woodwork and stonework common in Craftsman architecture, reinforcing the connection between the house and its natural surroundings.

Consider pairing it with a clean, white trim to highlight the architectural elements and provide a striking contrast.

Dark olive green encapsulates the harmony, simplicity, and understated elegance that is at the heart of Craftsman design philosophy.