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13 Striking Siding Colors to Enhance Your Brown Brick House

13 Striking Siding Colors to Enhance Your Brown Brick House

An appropriately chosen siding color not only harmonizes with the brown brick but also provides a stunning aesthetic appeal to your house’s exterior. For a brown brick house, sage green siding harmonizes with earthy undertones, while a soft taupe provides a neutral backdrop.

This comprehensive guide aims to help you explore various siding color options that pair perfectly with brown brick, offering you a range of possibilities to inspire your next home exterior project.

13. Sophisticated Sand (#C2B280)

brown brick house with sophisticated sand siding
Susan Law Cain/

A sand-colored siding is a nuanced choice that synchronizes effortlessly with brown brick exteriors.

This color, reminiscent of warm beach sands, introduces a refined and balanced warmth that complements the rich, earthy tones of brown bricks.

Sand-colored siding is neutral without being dull, with its subtle undertones adding a distinct depth to the overall appearance.

It enhances the visual appeal by providing a perfect backdrop that allows the architectural details of the brown brick to shine.

If you’re seeking an elegant, sophisticated yet warm look, this subtle hue is an excellent choice.

12. Powder Blue (#B0E0E6)

brown brick house with powder blue siding

Powder Blue siding is a delightful and captivating choice that stands in contrast to brown brick, yet balances it beautifully.

This color, with its soft, airy nature, brings in a breath of fresh air, lending a serene, calm aura to your home.

Particularly in beach or coastal locations, powder blue can be the ideal siding color, mirroring the gentle tones of the sea and sky and contributing to a calming atmosphere.

The gentle hue of powder blue can add charm and freshness to the rustic, earthy tones of brown brick, creating a visually pleasing and balanced exterior.

11. Luxurious Burgundy (#800020)

brown brick house with luxurious burgundy siding
Susan Law Cain/

Burgundy siding coupled with brown brick results in an opulent and dignified aesthetic.

The deep, rich undertones of burgundy beautifully align with the warm shades of brown, instilling a timeless elegance to your home.

Its richness creates a visually intriguing exterior, adding depth and a sense of luxurious sophistication.

Even though it’s bold and impactful, burgundy perfectly complements the brown brick without overpowering it. It’s a color choice that speaks volumes about refined taste and style.

10. Chic Pewter Gray (#A9A9A9)

brown brick house with chic pewter gray siding

Pewter Gray siding offers a modern, chic touch that seamlessly complements the rugged charm of brown bricks.

This cool-toned color provides a lovely contrast against the warm hues of brown, creating a harmonious balance that’s sleek and stylish.

Its lighter tone emphasizes the unique texture of the brickwork, highlighting your home’s architectural features.

Pewter Gray siding can introduce a contemporary edge to your brown brick exterior, all the while maintaining its traditional appeal.

9. Cozy Almond (#EFDECD)

cozy almond siding with brown brick house

Almond-colored siding introduces a warm and cozy feel that pairs beautifully with brown brick.

Its light hue softens the rich brown tones, lending a soothing, comforting aura to your home’s exterior.

The hint of warm undertones in almond siding also helps to enhance the earthy charm of brown brick. Furthermore, it makes the home feel more welcoming and spacious.

If your goal is to achieve a harmonious blend of warmth and sophistication, almond siding could be your perfect match.

8. Classic White (#FFFFFF)

classic white siding with brown brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Classic white siding is a timeless choice that goes extremely well with brown brick.

It provides a clean, crisp contrast against the warm brown tones, giving your home a refreshing and spacious appearance.

White siding also accentuates the texture and details of the brickwork, further elevating your home’s curb appeal.

This color choice is versatile and can fit any home style, from rustic to modern. If you’re aiming for a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, white siding can be your perfect match.

7. Dramatic Ebony (#555D50)

dramatic ebony siding with brown brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Ebony siding is a dramatic, bold choice that pairs exceptionally with brown brick.

This deep shade of black creates a stark contrast against the warmth of the brown, resulting in a modern, striking look.

Ebony commands attention and injects a sense of intrigue and sophistication into your home exterior.

Despite its boldness, it doesn’t overshadow the beauty of the brown brick, rather it enhances it, emphasizing the intricate textures and details.

If you’re looking to make a daring style statement, ebony siding can be a remarkable choice.

6. Earthy Olive (#808000)

earthy olive siding with brown brick house

Olive siding, with its earthy, warm tones, harmonizes beautifully with brown brick.

This soft, muted shade of green lends a tranquil, natural vibe to your home, seamlessly merging with the rustic appeal of brown brick.

Its understated hue offers a peaceful atmosphere, reflecting a love for nature and the outdoors.

If your home is located in a countryside or wooded area, olive siding can enhance its organic beauty.

This choice represents an affinity for serenity and harmony, making your home a nature-inspired haven.

5. Vibrant Cinnamon (#D2691E)

vibrant cinnamon siding with brown brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Cinnamon siding is a vibrant and stimulating color that partners perfectly with brown brick.

Its warm, spicy undertones match the earthy tones in brown brick, creating an exterior that’s cohesive and visually appealing.

Cinnamon siding adds a touch of boldness to your home, offering a unique and attention-grabbing exterior without being too overpowering.

This color embodies warmth and energy, perfect for creating a welcoming and cozy home atmosphere.

4. Sage Green (#B2AC88)

Sage green siding complements brown brick beautifully due to their shared earthy undertones.

This pairing evokes a sense of balance and harmony, reminiscent of natural landscapes where green foliage meets earthy terrain.

The muted tone of sage green doesn’t overpower the richness of brown brick but rather enhances its warmth. Together, they create a timeless and organic aesthetic, making homes feel both grounded and inviting.

3. Mellow Buttercream (#F0E68C)

mellow buttercream siding with brown brick house

Buttercream siding is a soft and mellow color that harmonizes perfectly with brown brick.

Its warm, creamy tone enhances the earthy quality of the brick, creating an exterior that is inviting and pleasing to the eye.

Buttercream siding adds a touch of brightness without overpowering the rich brown, lending a sense of balance and tranquility to your home’s exterior.

If your aim is to create a welcoming, light-filled aesthetic, buttercream siding is an excellent choice that combines warmth and sophistication in equal measure.

2. Peaceful Dove Gray (#898E88)

Dove Gray siding is a peaceful, neutral color that complements brown brick beautifully.

This light shade of gray offsets the warmth of the brown, lending a modern, chic aesthetic to your home’s exterior.

The soothing tone of Dove Gray creates a calm and serene atmosphere, adding a contemporary touch without overshadowing the rustic charm of the brown brick.

For homeowners seeking a balanced, tranquil, and stylish exterior, Dove Gray siding is an excellent choice.

1. Timeless Taupe (#483C32)

timeless taupe siding with brown brick house

Taupe siding is a timeless color that pairs seamlessly with brown brick. Its understated yet rich tones add a layer of sophistication and elegance, enhancing the brick’s earthy quality.

Taupe siding is neutral without being bland, and its warm undertones create a harmonious, stylish appearance that’s appealing to the eye.

If you want a color that’s versatile, classy, and complements the rustic charm of brown brick perfectly, taupe siding could be your ideal choice.

It brings together style, elegance, and warmth, making your home’s exterior a delightful sight to behold.

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