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Mastering Harmony: 16 Siding Colors for Red Brick Homes

Mastering Harmony: 16 Siding Colors for Red Brick Homes

For red brick houses, neutral sidings like taupe or beige elegantly complement the brick’s warmth. Greys, especially slate or charcoal, offer a contemporary edge, while off-white or cream enhances the brick’s rich tones.

A muted sage green siding introduces a touch of nature, seamlessly blending with the vibrant red for timeless curb appeal.

From cool neutrals to bold and daring, we have compiled a list of 16 siding colors that pair well with red brick exteriors.

16. Traditional White (#FFFFFF)

traditional white siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Nothing beats the classic combination of red brick and white siding.

This timeless duo offers a crisp contrast that highlights the warmth of the brick, while the white siding brings a fresh, clean look to the house.

The versatility of white allows it to work well with any style, whether it’s a traditional colonial or a contemporary home.

This color scheme also provides the perfect backdrop for accent colors, such as a bold front door or colorful landscaping.

Quick Tip: Choosing a satin or semi-gloss finish can help your white siding stand out more and add a touch of elegance.

15. Cool Pewter (#A9A9A9)

cool pewter siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

For an understated, yet stylish contrast, cool pewter siding serves as an excellent pairing with red brick.

This versatile gray color subtly complements the warm tones of the brick, without overshadowing its appeal.

By choosing cool pewter, you’re opting for a color that can transition effortlessly between various architectural styles.

Pewter is a timeless shade of gray that subtly adds a touch of modern elegance. This makes it a perfect long-term choice for homeowners seeking to create a sophisticated exterior look.

Quick Tip: To highlight your pewter siding, consider adding white trim or detailing. This will create an additional layer of contrast and interest.

14. Gentle Fawn (#E6BE8A)

gentle fawn siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Embrace the natural warmth of gentle fawn siding to beautifully complement a red brick exterior.

This neutral, soft hue enhances the earthy charm of the red brick without causing an abrupt contrast.

The resulting harmonious blend is both welcoming and visually appealing. Gentle fawn siding also pairs effectively with various trim colors, offering homeowners plenty of design flexibility.

This color scheme is particularly beneficial for those desiring a well-coordinated, natural aesthetic.

13. Warm Vanilla (#F3E5AB)

warm vanilla siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Warm vanilla siding serves as a comforting, soft balance to red brick.

Its pale, creamy yellow undertones not only enhance the brick’s inherent warmth but also bring an inviting lightness to your home’s exterior.

The combination of red brick and warm vanilla creates a pleasing and welcoming facade, suitable for any architectural style but particularly delightful in country-style or cottage homes.

It’s a timeless choice that imparts a sense of sunny cheerfulness and charm to your property.

12. Deep Walnut (#645452)

deep walnut siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

For a harmonious, subtly sophisticated look, opt for deep walnut siding alongside red brick.

This rich, earthy brown tone pairs seamlessly with red brick, echoing its warmth and creating an appealing, cohesive facade.

Deep walnut is a great choice for homeowners who appreciate a more subdued and traditional color palette.

Furthermore, this versatile color can lend a refined air to various home styles.

11. Rustic Olive (#708238)

rustic olive siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Rustic olive siding is a unique and appealing choice for red brick homes. The muted green hue echoes natural elements, providing an organic, harmonious counterpoint to the red brick.

This combination can help your home blend with its surroundings, especially if it’s located in a wooded or garden-rich area.

Rustic olive siding adds an earthy charm, subtly complementing the red brick without overpowering its natural beauty.

10. Toasted Almond (#D2B48C)

toasted almond siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Toasted almond siding creates a warm, seamless blend with red brick.

This neutral hue has an understated charm, complementing the red brick without distracting from its character.

Toasted almond siding brings a sense of warmth and elegance to your home, making it appear both inviting and stylish.

This color is ideal for homeowners who prefer a color scheme that is calm, serene, and coordinated.

9. Dusky Blue (#6699CC)

dusky blue siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Dusky blue siding offers a soothing, cool contrast to red brick. The soft, muted blue tones balance out the warmth of the brick, creating a visually striking yet harmonious exterior.

This color combination is perfect for a home with a coastal or country aesthetic, or anyone looking to add a serene, tranquil touch to their home’s exterior.

Dusky blue siding is a timeless choice that can add both charm and sophistication to your property.

Quick Tip: Adding white trim to dusky blue siding can elevate the overall look, providing a crisp, clean detail to your home’s exterior.

8. Natural Taupe (#483C32)

natural taupe siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Natural taupe is a versatile siding color that harmonizes beautifully with red brick. The neutral, earthy tones of taupe siding enhance the brickwork without overshadowing its charm.

Choosing natural taupe siding ensures a balanced and inviting exterior look, perfect for various architectural styles.

Moreover, taupe siding can be beautifully accented with a range of trim colors, allowing for plenty of design flexibility.

7. Soft Cream (#FFFDD0)

soft cream siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Soft cream siding serves as a light, delicate balance to the warm red brick.

Its subtle, warm undertones complement the brick’s natural charm, adding a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior.

Soft cream siding pairs wonderfully with a variety of trim colors, offering a flexible design option.

This color combination is particularly well-suited to traditional, cottage-style, or country homes, creating a comforting and welcoming exterior look.

6. Rich Mahogany (#400000)

rich mahogany siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Rich mahogany siding creates a stunning, sophisticated complement to red brick.

The deep, warm brown hues of mahogany pair beautifully with the red brick, resulting in a harmonious and inviting exterior.

This color choice provides a sense of classic elegance and can be particularly suitable for traditional or colonial style homes.

Furthermore, mahogany siding brings a level of timeless appeal to your overall exterior design, making your home stand out for all the right reasons.

5. Pastel Sage (#87BBA2)

pastel sage siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Pastel sage is a unique and refreshing choice for siding, offering a subtle and cool contrast to red brick.

The light, muted green hue creates an earthy balance, while adding a touch of serenity to your home’s exterior.

This color combination can help your home blend into natural surroundings, especially in a garden-rich or wooded area.

Pastel sage siding is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a peaceful, harmonious facade.

Quick Tip: Pair pastel sage siding with white or cream trim to create an appealing contrast and highlight your home’s architectural features.

4. Oyster White (#FDF5E6)

oyster white siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Oyster white siding presents a soft, elegant balance to red brick exteriors. Its warm undertones subtly enhance the natural charm of the brick without overpowering it.

Oyster white siding creates a clean, fresh look that’s versatile enough to work with various home styles.

This color combination offers a classic, timeless appeal that enhances your home’s curb appeal and marketability.

3. Midnight Blue (#191970)

midnight blue siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

For those looking to make a bold, modern statement, midnight blue siding is the perfect choice.

The deep, rich blue color offers a dramatic contrast to the warm red brick, instantly modernizing your home’s exterior.

Midnight blue siding is a daring but stylish choice that guarantees your home will stand out from the crowd.

This striking color combination provides a contemporary aesthetic that’s sure to impress.

2. Earthy Ochre (#CC7722)

earthy ochre siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

Earthy ochre siding offers a unique, warm blend with red brick. This rich, earthy hue enhances the brickwork, adding depth and interest to your home’s exterior.

Choosing earthy ochre siding ensures a harmonious, well-coordinated look, ideal for homeowners seeking a color scheme that exudes a cozy, natural vibe.

The flexibility of this siding color allows for numerous design possibilities, including a variety of trim colors.

1. Charcoal Gray (#36454F)

charcoal gray siding with red brick house
Susan Law Cain/

At the top of our list is charcoal gray, a versatile and modern choice for siding with red brick.

This deep, cool gray provides a subtle contrast to the red brick, enhancing its warmth while adding a sophisticated touch.

Charcoal gray siding is a timeless color that works with a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.

The elegance and versatility of this color ensure your home will maintain its curb appeal for years to come.

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