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17 Stone Siding Styles for an Unmatched Exterior

17 Stone Siding Styles for an Unmatched Exterior

Stepping up your home’s curb appeal requires a blend of creativity, resilience, and style. One excellent way to add panache to your home exterior is by choosing an appropriate stone siding.

With the right stone siding, your home not only looks elegant but also stands strong against harsh weather conditions. From natural cut stones to stone veneer panels, there are numerous options to consider.

17. Manufactured Stone Veneer

manufactured stone veneer house siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Manufactured stone veneer, also known as faux stone, offers the aesthetic appeal of natural stone without the hefty price tag.

The lightweight nature of this stone type is a game-changer as it allows for easy installation without the need for additional structural support.

Plus, its versatility in design makes it a fantastic choice for homeowners aiming for a specific look.

Though it doesn’t match natural stone in terms of longevity, manufactured stone veneer is durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Quick Tip: To extend the lifespan of your manufactured stone veneer, regular cleaning and sealing is a must.

16. Granite

granite stone house siding
Rob Painter/

Boasting a combination of elegance and ruggedness, granite is a fantastic choice for house exterior siding.

With its myriad of colors, textures, and finishes, granite easily adapts to a variety of home styles.

Despite its seemingly upscale appeal, granite is incredibly durable, resisting weathering and maintaining its pristine condition for decades.

The installation process can be complex due to its weight, but the timeless charm and endurance it offers are well worth the effort.

15. Travertine

travertine stone house siding
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Famed for its subtle, sophisticated look, travertine makes an excellent choice for house siding.

It features a warm, earthy palette ranging from white to deep tan, perfect for homes seeking a welcoming and cozy appearance.

Travertine does have its weaknesses, including susceptibility to acid and staining, which can be managed through proper sealing and regular maintenance.

Despite these, travertine remains a highly sought-after option for its unique beauty and relatively high durability.

14. Ledge Stone

ledge stone house siding

Ledge stone sidings come in rectangular strips that can be arranged in a variety of patterns, providing an opportunity for customization.

These sidings lend a textured, layered look to your exterior, creating an effect of depth and dimension.

Made of various types of stone, including granite, quartzite, and more, ledge stone is resilient and withstands harsh weather conditions.

Note that installation may be more challenging due to its irregularity, but the result is a striking, personalized home exterior.

13. Marble

marble stone house siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Marble is a premium choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury to their exterior. Its classic appeal, marked by striking veins and a range of colors, offers a stunning visual treat.

Marble’s porosity makes it vulnerable to staining, but with regular sealing and proper care, it can maintain its lustrous appeal for a long time.

Keep in mind, marble siding is an investment, but its timeless elegance can significantly boost your home’s value.

12. Natural Stone Cladding

natural stone cladding
Rob Painter/

Natural stone cladding offers the aesthetic appeal of solid stone without the weight and complexity of installation.

It is available in a variety of stone types like slate, quartzite, and granite, offering a plethora of choices for homeowners.

The thin layers of stone are durable, weather-resistant, and relatively easy to install compared to solid stone sidings.

Natural stone cladding can add a touch of rustic charm or a modern edge to your home, depending on your chosen stone and design.

11. Stacked Stone Veneer Panels

Stacked Stone Veneer Panel Siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Stacked stone veneer panels offer a modern, sleek look to your home exterior. They are designed to replicate the appearance of stacked stone, providing a uniform, neat aesthetic.

Made from natural stone or a stone-like material, these panels are durable and relatively low maintenance.

Installation is also more straightforward compared to individual stone sidings, making it a popular choice among homeowners looking for a blend of convenience and style.

10. Cast Stone Veneer

cast stone veneer house siding
Rob Painter/

If you are looking for a high-end appearance but have a modest budget, cast stone veneer could be your go-to. It gives you the grandeur of hand-cut stone while remaining economical.

Highly customizable, cast stone veneer can be tailored to your color preference and design aesthetics.

It does require some professional installation and maintenance, but its accessibility and the elegance it imparts make it a worthy choice.

9. Cobblestone

cobblestone house siding

Cobblestone siding offers a timeless aesthetic, blending natural beauty with durability. It’s eco-friendly, sourced from the earth, and provides insulation benefits, keeping homes cozy.

Its rugged texture and unique patterns ensure that no two houses look the same.

Resistant to weather extremes, cobblestone guarantees longevity, making it an investment in both style and function for homeowners.

8. Coral Stone

coral stone house siding
Rob Painter/

Coral stone, known for its distinctive texture and warm hues, brings a touch of tropical appeal to home exteriors.

Its natural pockmarks and fossil impressions add an intriguing visual interest that’s hard to find in other stone types.

Coral stone is heat-resistant, making it an excellent choice for warmer climates. However, it may require sealing to prevent weathering and retain its unique beauty.

7. Flagstone

flagstone house siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Flagstone offers a rustic yet elegant look for your home exterior. Its flat shape makes it ideal for creating a unique, layered appearance.

Flagstone is available in various colors, from warm earth tones to cool grays, offering versatility in design. Its durability and resistance to chipping and scratches make it a solid choice.

While the installation process can be laborious, the distinctive, charming result makes it worth the effort.

6. Brick Veneer

brick veneer house siding
Rob Painter/

Brick veneer captures the classic appeal of brick with easier installation and less weight. It is available in an array of colors and textures, providing a flexible design palette.

Notably, brick veneer is known for its excellent insulation properties, helping to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

While it requires some upkeep to maintain its look, the combination of charm, insulation, and durability makes brick veneer an appealing choice.

5. Stucco Stone

stucco stone house siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Stucco stone provides a textured, unique aesthetic for your home’s exterior. It is a mix of cement, sand, and lime, giving it a rugged, weather-resistant quality.

The material can be tinted to various colors, offering a range of design possibilities.

Stucco stone requires professional installation, but its unique texture, color flexibility, and impressive durability make it an enticing option for homeowners.

4. Cultured Stone

cultured stone house siding
Rob Painter/

Cultured stone, also known as artificial or manufactured stone, offers the allure of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

It can be molded and colored to mimic a wide range of stone types, providing limitless design possibilities.

Cultured stone is lighter and easier to install than natural stone, but it requires regular maintenance to preserve its look.

For those seeking cost-effective, customizable options, cultured stone is an excellent choice.

3. Natural Stone Veneer

natural stone veneer house siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Natural stone veneer provides the aesthetic of genuine stone in a lighter, more manageable form.

It is created by slicing thin layers off large natural stones, resulting in a veneer that’s easier to install but still offers the authenticity of natural stone.

Natural stone veneer comes in various styles, colors, and textures, offering plenty of design freedom.

It’s a perfect choice for those who want the natural stone look without the heavy installation and cost.

2. Full Bed Stone

full bed stone house siding
Rob Painter/

Full bed stone offers a bold, dramatic statement for your home exterior. As the name implies, it utilizes whole stones instead of veneers or panels, giving a rich, three-dimensional appearance.

Available in numerous colors, shapes, and textures, full bed stone caters to a range of design preferences.

However, its installation can be time-consuming and complex due to its weight and size.

Yet, the exceptional durability and grand aesthetic it offers make full bed stone a standout choice for those seeking an upscale look.

1. Quarried Stone

quarried stone house siding
Dariusz Jarzabek/

Topping our list is quarried stone, renowned for its unmatched, natural appeal and extreme durability.

Quarried stone comes straight from the earth, ensuring each piece is unique in color, texture, and pattern.

Whether you prefer the rugged charm of fieldstone or the elegant striations of marble, there’s a quarried stone for you.

Despite the high cost and complex installation, the timeless beauty and resilience it brings to your home exterior make quarried stone an unrivaled choice for stone siding.

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